Olive Groves

The Masseria Bosco Di Makyva is surrounded by century old olive trees, giving the impression they are protecting the entire estate. Symbol, par excellence, of the Salentine farming tradition, these silent and mighty trees populate also the neighboring countryside. Some of their trunks appear as if they have been sculpted into artistic masterpieces. Representing fertility and birth, resistant to the whims of the weather, the olive tree is also symbol of peace and for us it has always carried great value. Let’s not forget that for centuries it has represented, and still does, a source of income for many families. Puglia and Salento in particular, has a firm agricultural tradition and the harvest of the olives is one of the most important activities that are passed on from father to son.

We also produce oil from our trees to dress and flavour our cuisine, from vegetables to pulses, and salads grown in our own vegetable garden and transformed by expert hands into delicious dishes served for dinner in our Restaurant by the pool.